Grow Your Team of Powerhouse Sales Reps (For Storm & Retail)
The Roofing Sales Success Formula
“All-in-One” Sales Training, Sales Strategy, and Sales System
Used by Thousands: Trusted by Some of The TOP 100 Roofing Companies
Fast, Easy, and Wildly Successful
  • Learn it ALL: How to make your first sale, canvassing, pitching at the door, overcoming objections, running a sales appointment, and closing!
  • Lightning fast 9.5 hours to get your team battle ready
  • ​Individual logins for each team member
  • ​Get easy “buy in” from your team
  • ​Every rep gets a DAILY plan to SMASH their income goal
Get More Self-Generated Leads!
  • Easy DIY “Plug and go” marketing material
  • 260+ documents to get leads and referrals
  • ​Direct mail letters, door hanger letters, and much more!
  • ​Bulletproof referral program
  • ​Step-by-step instructions
Rapid-Start System for Owners and Managers
  • Easy DIY “Plug and go” marketing material
  • 260+ documents to get leads and referrals
  • ​Direct mail letters, door hanger letters, and much more!
  • ​Bulletproof referral program
  • ​Step-by-step instructions
Recruiting System & Training
  • Learn who to hire (STOP these high-turner mistakes)
  • The “Spy” interview to spot the 5 make-or-break profile traits
  • ​10 recruiting ads to copy/paste
  • Commissions: How much to pay and why
  • ​High volume sales incentives and bonuses
Sales Leadership Training
  • Fast 6-part leadership system
  • Develop powerhouse sales managers
  • ​Guide every sales rep to have massive breakthroughs
  • Role play training for the team (wicked effective and fun)
  • ​Fast-paced weekly sales meeting
Why Teams Switch From Other Solutions
  • Value alignment: Creating a sales experience your customers actually love
  • Team buy-in: Finding a sales style that resonates with your culture
  • ​Results they’ve seen online
  • NOT “salesy,” NOT sleazy, and NOT pushy
  • Cost: NO monthly fees, NO annual fees, NO subscription fees*
  • ​Unlimited team access: NO limit on the # of users you can add (add as many reps as you want as you grow for just $97/ea)
  • ​Speed: Getting rookie sales reps deals on day 1!
* Excludes the Pitch Pro Movement.

What’s Included?

  • LIFETIME Online Access to The Roofing Sales Success Formula: All-in-one sales training, sales strategy, and sales system.
  • One-Time-Only Investment
  • Individual logins for each team member (Logins are non-transferrable. Add as many as you wish as you grow for just $97 one-time-only setup).
  • ​Daily Sales Plans for each rep
  • ​Marketing Battle Pack: All the DIY marketing material you’ll need for storm, retail, and even translated into Spanish
  • ​Complete Sales Strategy
  • ​Canvassing Strategy: What to say at the door for every scenario
  • ​Objection Strategy: How to overcome every objection on the spot
  • ​Closing Strategy: The bulletproof in-home sales system
  • ​How to Build Your Dream Team: Recruiting training for owners/managers
  • ​Management Rollout Guide: The fast-start path for your existing team and new hires (includes accountability)
  • ​Role Play Training: How to effectively do role play and “test” your team
  • ​Sales Leadership Training: My 6-step framework to develop powerhouse sales teams
  • ​Access to all future updates
  • ​Welcome instructions come instantly!
  • ​Fast-track onboarding
  • ​Instant access
  • ​NO monthly Fees, NO annual fees, NO subscriptions!*
  • ​100% ‘NO BS’ 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

$24,947 Value! (But you won’t even have to invest ¼ of that… read below).

How can I do this? Our existing customer said I could easily charge $24,497 and it’d still be an incredible investment. BUT I am committed to providing cost-effective investment options for companies of all sizes. So I cut the rate in half… then in half again! We’re proud to run our company lean so we can pass those savings on to you!
* Excludes the Pitch Pro Movement.
Investment Options
Backed by our 100% ‘NO BS’ 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
0% Interest w/ 6 Easy Installments of $925/mo (Total Investment of $5,547)
GET $550 OFF
One-Time-Investment of Just $4,997
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100% RISK FREE! ‘NO BS ’ 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Try it 100% RISK FREE! That’s why I offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee, so you can try everything with complete confidence. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied, simply shoot me an emailing explaining what isn’t working. I’ll either personally coach you through it to help you make more sales (at no charge), or I’ll refund 100% of your money.
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