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*Free for a limited time*

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Discover the Techniques and Methods I Personally Used to Become a 7-Figure Salesman, Train Sales Teams Across the US, and Coach $5MM - $13MM/yr Companies to Explode Their Sales

Hey, I’m Adam Bensman.

You may remember me from my YouTube Channel, The Roof Strategist or from speaking at the first Win The Storm Conference.

I’m just a regular guy who fell into storm restoration sales and did $1.4MM in my first ¾ length season.

I didn’t have any training.

I had to teach myself everything I needed to start selling and getting referrals and damn was that hard (and slow)...

I worked my way up to become the C.O.O. of a multi-state $8MM/yr restoration company (shout out to Jesse who believed in me).

From there I started coaching and consulting for $5MM - $13MM/yr roofing and restoration companies to help hire, train, and retain high-performing sales teams.

After awhile, I got a bit fed up with the industry and decided to do things differently...

Instead of selling training like everyone else, I decided to give all my high-value training and strategies away - completely FREE. Sounds crazy, right?​

I believe that every salesman (and owner) deserves a chance to become wildly successful and explode their income.

Whether you’re a rookie salesman, an owner growing a sales team, or a seasoned closer, you’ll find game-changing training on my channel - I’m sure of it.​

So here’s the deal. If you find my training videos helpful (and I’m sure you will), you can purchase the material that I created to help you fast-track your sales and income goals.​

The same materials and systems I developed to help me become a 7-figure seller, and later used for the sales teams I recruited and trained.

The same strategies that roofing company entrepreneurs have paid me between $12,000 - $40,000+ to help them get more sales.

If you believe what I’m teaching works, then you can purchase my Roofing Sales Accelerator Marketing Pack here.

You’ll probably laugh at how affordable I made everything when compared to other “coaches” and “trainers.”

Hey… I do what I do out of passion - not greed.

That’s why I back every single one of my products with a 100% money-back guarantee. And to date, I have yet to refund as much as a penny.

So if you’re a roofing salesman (completely new to the industry or an owner with a growing sales team) and tired of feeling shut out, I will help you fast-track your income growth as you close more sales 1, 2, or even 13 at a time (yes, it’s been done…).

If you haven’t done so already, download my FREE guide 3 Tricks to Get to the Kitchen Table to Close More Sales here.​

Or, you can jump right into getting my ready-to-go sales and marketing material inside my Roofing Sales Accelerator Marketing Pack here.

I’m excited to help you become the best salesman you can be, earn the income of your dreams, and turn your “sales job” into a 6-figure career.

To getting more roofing sales,

Adam Bensman
Founder | Coach | Trainer | Marketer
The Roof Strategist

P.S. If you haven’t done so already, subscribe to my YouTube Channel - The Roof Strategist - for free training to get more sales (it’s a great resource for brand new sales people and companies who are hiring).

Get More Roofing Sales

3 Tricks to Get to the Kitchen Table and Close More Sales!

Download The FREE Guide Now.

*Free for a limited time

Book Kitchen Sales

Here Are the 3 Tricks Waiting for You Inside:

The easiest way to start every sale

How to create an irresistible pitch on the fly

The foolproof sales "hack" to get invited to the kitchen table

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Don’t Take My Word For It. Here’s What Clients Are Saying (100% Unsolicited)

If you are tired of getting doors slammed in your face, then it’s time to fast-track your sales. My 3 Tricks to Get to the Kitchen Table and Close More Sales will help you turn as many prospects you can into high-commission sales.

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